3 Diets You MUST Avoid…If You Want To Look Great This Summer

Diets…those things that’ve got you confused right now…
There is a fuck-ton of them out there and most of them don’t seem to be working.
However, there are 3 diets you should avoid if you actually want to succeed…
1. The diet you’ve tried before
You know… the diet that helped you lose a few pounds back in the summer of 1990.
I always chuckle to myself when someone says to me: "I’m going to do [insert diet] because it worked well for me before"
News flash! If you REGAINED all the weight you lost then it DID NOT "work".
A diet should improve your fitness and wellbeing FOREVER. Not just a few weeks.
If you were unable to stick with it forever last time then you probably won’t this time. Find an alternative.
2. The latest trendy diet
Diets and fitness are like fashion. There is always something that’s the ‘flavour’ of the month.
Something every ‘influencer’ and guru offer as the solution to your troubles.
One minute it’s the "low-fat diet" then it’s the "Paleo". At the moment it’s the Ketogenic diet (Atkins diet) getting all of the love.
You would think that by now men would realise all these shiny, new best diets are nothing more than a tactic – one of many – and they aren’t the best option for you in most cases.
Avoid ‘trendy’ diets at all costs and find a ‘style’ that suits you.
3. Your friend’s recommendation
This happens a lot as well. Men choosing to do a certain diet because their mates, wife’s, dad’s, solicitor, said it was the "best one".
How do you know it’s the best one? Does that person like the same foods as you? Do they go to the gym the same amount of times a week as you? Do they favour 4 meals a day like you? Are they are busy, travelling for business as you?Have the same goals as you?
Of course not!
Chances are they are absolutely nothing like you and therefore what ‘worked’ for them will not work for you. So why choose it?
Ok, so the headline may have been a bit ‘click-bate’, and you probably expected me to give you 3 actual diets I disagree with.
My bad.
But this email goes deeper than ‘calling out’ three diets plan. I’m ‘calling out’ ALL diet plans!
They all suck.
What you need to remember is that there are just a few fundamentals you need to know, in order to be successful.
If you start with those fundamental in mind then you really can use any diet plan to lose weight which means you can choose one specifically for YOU.
Make sense? Great! Get to it!
Phil Agostino
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