3 Tips To Get a 6-Pack… (Hint: Not One is Sit-Ups)

Here’s a story for you.
The year was 1996 and I was just a skinny 13-year-old who was beginning to think about looking better. This was the year I first ever remember seeing Peter Andre. Remember that guy who sung ‘Mysterious Girl’ (see pic ^^^) While his music may have been awful, let’s be honest, his abs were awesome. Girls LOVED him because of those abs and quite frankly I was jealous. Even worse, I had a friend a few years older than me who looked JUST LIKE HIM. Abs and all! Bastard. He was already killing it with the ladies and his popularity seemed to increase exponentially overnight. I remember one time we were all out playing football and there were a group of girls watching. You could see them getting a little giddy – whispering and giggling amongst themselves – until one walked over said to my mate "omg you look so much like Peter Andre". Before I knew it he was lifting his top up to show off his abs. Watching all those girls go crazy blew my mind. (he probably had something else ‘blown’ let’s be honest). Wanting a piece of the action I said to him "Craig, what do you do to get a 6-pack like that?". He told he did "1000 sit-ups and 200 press-ups every morning and night". Ok, I thought, I’m going to do it! I started THAT night. When you want to achieve something there is no time like the present to get started, right? I didn’t get to 1000 I’ll admit. It was probably more like 50… but the point was I’d started and soon it would be all worth it. For several weeks I busted my arse, each morning before school and evening before bed. I’d look in the mirror wondering why nothing was happening but I persevered.Until about 8 weeks had passed and I thought ‘fuck this’ and stopped. My abs were no more defined, there were no love letters coming through the door, and no girls were stopping me on the street to ‘feel my stomach’. Disaster. It took me about 3 years from that point to learn two ESSENTIAL things: 1. You can’t get a 6-pack from just doing sit-ups 2. My friend Craig was clearly a genetic freak and probably would’ve still had that 6-pack if he just napped and ate pizza. I’m certainly not one of the ‘lucky’ ones. Not many are. Most likely you included. And it wasn’t until 2015 – 16 years later – that I actually got what I’d describe as a real 6-pack (see pic). I’d had some definition several times after uni but it wasn’t until I did my first competition, that I really did what was needed. The "secrets?" 1. Eating less food and doing more energy burning activities 2. Hard work 3. Consistency (6 months of it to be precise)
Here’s the result:

I seriously didn’t do a SINGLE sit-up!! If you’re struggling to get certain areas of your body lean and defined, especially your abs, then there are no exercises that will magically make that happen. All you need are those 3 things noted above. Simple but worth it.Let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how old you are, that great feeling you get from when you’re the envy of your friends, you know women still find you attractive, and you’re confident in your suit (and without!) never goes away. And it CAN be done at ANY age… Phil AgostinoP.S If you want the best chance of achieving this then you should check out my FREE online seminar here – bit.ly/4fitnesspillars I’ll share with you 4 simple things successful men know that helps them get great results… …that you DONT know. (Until now)Bit.ly/4fitnesspillars

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