What A Client Learnt From Spending A Day With Me (Poor Sod)

I write fitness articles for several business magazines now. My job there is to help people realise the value of being fit for their businesses and encourage them to take action – much the same as it is in these emails.
I was just reading the front cover of this months edition of one of those magazines as it discussed…me.
Before we go on, let me just say I was not reading it to be vain or to feed my ego – that’s at a fairly healthy size as it is… 😉
Instead, I wanted to see how my client Vicki felt about spending some time with me 1 on 1 in the gym, before Xmas. It was the first time we had done so and I was interested to read her thoughts on the experience.
Most of it was as expected: It was helpful and inspiring for her but something she said took me by surprise. Vicki wrote:
"I was inspired by my day with Phil – not just because he corrected my technique and got me lifting 30% more than my previous personal best, but because he was doing things differently to other people."
Before I read on, I found myself thinking back to my day with her, wondering what it was I’d done that was so different?
Did I explain things better? Was I more motivating than others? Was I more of a "cunt" than people say?
Nope, she said:
"In his bag, he carried his pre-planned food for the day, carefully measured and ready to eat. He could have just grabbed a sandwich in the gym café, but he was on a dieting cycle at the time because he was slightly over his desired weight, and it was more important to him to eat the right food than do what everyone else did"
I did have some food prepared –
2 protein shakes 3 servings of cashew nuts 1 serving of fajita chicken
Essentially, 3 meals. Just in case we were there longer than planned – we were – we met at 10am and left at something crazy like 8pm!
What was interesting was out of everything we did that day, that part really inspired her. Something, that wasn’t even a formal part of our day together left a pretty lasting impression.
Crucially, she hit the nail on the head when she went on to write:
"Part of success involves modelling the good habits of successful people, and I won’t forget that simple lesson Phil taught me (probably without even realising it)"
To be honest, she’s right. I didn’t realise it and it’s made me sit back of think about that concept for myself. I’ve created habits that increase my chances of success with my fitness and training over the past 18 years – that’s a long fucking time – and therefore it means it comes easily to me.
I don’t think about preparing food the night before I go out as anything "special".
It’s a part of my life, like brushing my teeth.
But, I do still lack some of those habits within my business and Vick’s article has made me stop today and realise I need to look at more people who are doing what I want to be doing, steal their habits and work at making them my own.
You are probably like my client.
You haven’t quite got into the habit of "being fit" just yet. You definitely won’t have if you only started a few days ago, that’s for sure.
It takes time to create those habits.
And in that "time" you’ll most likely fail a few times. That’s a given.
But if you keep on working on them, it won’t be long until you just ‘do’ them, the same way that I do, and at that point it all becomes a lot easier to manage.
In the beginning, it’s hard.
In fact, it can be exhausting.
Constantly thinking about what to eat, when to eat it, how much to eat…
Saying "no" to offers of treats, battling the voice in your head telling you to ‘miss the gym’ or to buy the pizza you’ve been craving.
That part isn’t fun and quite honestly, it’s the most difficult part of transforming your life, and in turn, your health, fitness and how good you look naked.
(Yes, we all wanna look good naked. Don’t pretend you don’t!)
Model your behaviour on those who are successful and in a similar situation to you.
My client, Tim, ensures he walks at least 15,000 steps per day.
Jon, prioritises his exercises in his diary, before anything else, to ensure he’s always got the time for it.
Ray, over Christmas, didn’t want to deal with people asking him why he "wasn’t drinking" so after having 1-2 drinks he began "faking it" with small glasses of coke… no one knows there isn’t rum in there <—–probably my favourite one I’ve heard!
Most of my clients prepare several days worth of meals in advance, so at any time they can chuck a few in their bag and hit the road.
These are all strategies for getting results…
It took them of all time to create and implement them consistency.
And yes, some will seem like a bit of a ballache, admittedly, but if you do these things consistently, they’ll become new habits.
At the end of the day – do you want results or not?
If you answered ‘yes’ to that, then taking a bag of prepared food with you is worth it, right?
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Not bad for £125, right?

"New Year, New Me" – What A Load Of Rubbish

It’s that time again. The end of the year where we can reflect upon our experiences, good or day, and make plans for the year ahead.
We can worry about what we are "doing", where we are going, what we’ll drink and what we’ll wear.
Fuck that.
I don’t miss those days one bit.
Call me boring (and some of you will) but I’m going to have a nice meal tonight, 1, maaaaybe 2 ciders (if I’m feeling daring) and watch some tv.
Rock n Roll, I know.
But I really don’t want to wake up on the first day of 2018 feeling like crap. I have a shit ton planned for 2018 and I want to get things started right straight away.
And you know I’ll make good on those ‘plans’. I always do.
This year was about growing my business and finishing / marketing my book, and despite dealing with the death of my mum, recovering from late 2015’s Colitis flare up and learning that my dad had cancer that goal was still achieved.
Hopefully, 2018 will have fewer obstacles but you can’t count on it. That’s life I’m afraid.
I’ll just do my best, like I always do, to keep moving forward.
What about you?
Did you achieve your fitness goals this year? If not, then why? There is always a reason.
Do you have any for 2018? You should do…
Although, we’ll not call them "resolutions", as according to Forbes magazine on average 62% of us make New Year’s resolutions and only 8% actually achieve them.
Depressing, isn’t it? Yet, hardly surprising.
The problem is, the majority of people suck at setting goals in the first place. They don’t know what they specifically want to achieve, how to measure and track success, and how to keep things realistic.
If you don’t have a plan then you are going to struggle.
Like I’ve said previously, the biggest and most common mistake you’ll make is trying to get a different result using strategies and techniques that have failed you in the past.
Like Mr "Potato Diet" I talked about the other night.
Well, the solution is you to invest in discovering a better, proven and more sustainable way to improve your health, increase your confidence, look better and transform your productivity.
And I’m offering you that solution through my Book, Lose The Flab Fast for FREE…
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Lastly, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read my emails and an even bigger thanks to those of you who bought my book.
Happy New Year!!
PS- The book covers the 5 fundamentals of fitness:
1. Diet and nutrition
2. Cardio and training
3. Daily activity
4. Supplements
5. Accountability, tracking and management.
For you to get optimal, long-term results you need to understand how to manage each of those 5-steps, in a way that fits you lifestyle and it easy to implement forever.
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The Value Of The Progress Photo

I’m big on tracking variables.
Calories, steps per day, reps per exercise, grams of protein, hours of sleep…
You name it, I (and my clients) will be tracking it.
Time and time again the photo proves itself to be an extremely valuable tool.
Probably the best, in my (always correct) opinion.
Here’s a good example, from my client, Mark.
Mark stopped dieting a few months back as he’s been at it for over a year and was close to where he wanted to be – yet his body was saying ‘no more, please’.
At that point your best option to do take a break from dieting. But, please don’t get fat again!
Of course, Mark gained some weight back on. THAT can’t be helped and will be mostly water, stored carbs in the muscle and the food you’ve eaten. Plus, hopefully, actual muscle…
We were discussing this current situation and he’s ~10kg heavier than when he stopped dieting at 78kg. He decided to compare two photos just to see how he looks now compared to the LAST time he weighed 78kg.
Because what you have to remember is this: You’ll usually associate yourself with being fat a certain weight. For me, the last time I was fat was 92kg. This time around at 92kg I was far leaner and now I at 100kg…and so the process continues.
So doing those comparison photos is really motivating and is a great way to keep yourself in check.
Here’s Mark’s comparison pic – literally one year apart and the same weight:

It’s impressive to be the same weight with less fat. More muscle should ALWAYS be a goal. It’s important.
The great thing now is that once Mark is ready to do so, he can diet down again and look better than before. In another years time, he should be able to do the third photo of himself at 78kg and be even leaner…
Can you see the importance of tracking like this?
And it really doesn’t take any effort. I don’t care how busy you say you are. Mark is one of the busiest guys I know!
Yet many people ignore these simple tactics. They don’t track their progress. They simply just hope for the best and it’s the wrong way to fo about it.
But if you want this year to be different, then why not start as you mean to go on?
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PS – The problem with most people is they do the same thing over and over expecting the same results…
The new year rolls around and they attempt to lose some fat and get their shit together but they follow the same strategy as every other year…
The same strategy always leads to failure.
Who knows. But it’s stupid.
If you want a different result then you need to do something different and my book, Lose The Flab Fast IS that ‘something different’

How long would you last on the ‘Potato Diet?’

A guy joined the gym several months back. This guy must be in his late 60’s (or just looks it) and is fairly obese.
I got chatting with him in his first week and at this point in time my book was being edited, so I offered to give him a copy once it was done – because he clearly had no fucking idea about what he was doing.
I didn’t see him much after that. Until tonight. I asked him how the training was going and he as expected he told me he was going to start dieting on Monday. That phrase has become so common it almost feels like I’m making it up. I assure you I’m not. "People" are just that predictable.
He went to tell me and training partner, Sam, he’s planning on trying the "Potato Diet".
I feel like such a fraud! I’ve never even prescribed it. But apparently, his "wife’s, cousins, girlfriends, "kickboxing" brother swears by it" – well that settles it. As of January 1st let’s all do the Potato Diet.
If you don’t know what it is, then you have potatoes with every meal, every day and that’s it.
He then said something which clearly explained why he (and most men like him) are overweight: "what have I got to lose? I’ve tried every other diet"
And there lies his issue. He keeps following fucking ‘diets’ and ‘diets’ do not work. If they did he wouldn’t be trying another one.
I tried to explain it was an awful idea without making him feel bad and told him the problem with those diets is that they are too difficult to do longterm. They are short-term, extreme (and ultimately useless) "solutions".
His response…
"Yeah but some guy in Australia do it for a whole year!"
And he’s right. A guy ‘down under’ did live off of potatoes for a whole year and managed to lose 117 pounds (8.4 stone).
This made me laugh. Sure, one year does seem like a long time. If you can follow any fad-diet for a full year you deserve a medal. However, would you really want to follow that diet for several years? 20 years? 30 years? Course not.
Also (and this is an important point), why the hell would you want to? I’ve have clients looking strong and lean while feeling great whilst still eating all the foods they love…
Plus he was eating next to no protein or fat… both EXTREMELY important for your health and how much muscle you build. If you look at his "after" photo, sure he looks better and has less fat but he has no muscle. I would never want to look like that.
Had he added protein the final "product" would’ve been far more appealing. Maybe he didn’t care? But most men, given the choice, would prefer to gain some muscle.
Am I right?
Having said all this, the ‘Potato Diet’ does prove something I’ve been preaching for years – that you can lose weight eating ANY foods as long as you are in a calorie (energy) deficit consistently.
Most people think you must "cut carbs" when you diet…
Then this guy comes along and eats a 100% carb based diet and drops a ton of fat. Also, his "blood sugar" levels improved. Even though he ate carbs? This is important for you to understand.
The most important thing you can do for your health is to lose weight. Even though who have lost weight eating nothing but McDonald’s have improved health markers. Fascinating really.
Bottom line is this: Dumb-arse fad diets are a stupid way to go about improving your health and your physique.
Don’t be fooled into trying one.
Instead, base your diet around it being a good balance of protein, fat, carbs and veggies. At every meal have a small portion of eat. LOAD up on the veggies, actually, good for filling you up!
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Several Months Is All It Takes To Change Your Life…

My client Tim "one for ladies" Fitch posted a photo of himself in my private Facebook group a few days ago and, quite frankly, I thought it was remarkable. As a reminder, Tim is my client who came to me last March wanting to improve his type 2 diabetes, increase his strength and lose a bit of weight.
His diabetes was so bad that even with DOUBLE the RDA of his medication he was still getting fasted blood sugar levels TRIPLE the healthy number – read that back and consider the impact that would’ve had if he had left it…
Anyway, fast forward to this Christmas, ~9 months after we started and his blood sugars are in the "healthy range" and that’s with one of his medications removed (I predict the 2nd will go soon as well). He’s much stronger, has more energy and importantly…
…is enjoying his training.
Here’s a comparison from the start until now:

How awesome is that?
Truly inspiring.
His shoulders, arms and chest are growing like weeds!
I love how it’s just become a part of Tim’s life. It’s no fake in any way. What I mean by that is he doesn’t ever moan about it. He just cracks on and enjoys the benefits. He still has the occasional ‘treat’ and drinks some alcohol…but then gets back to ‘normal’.
He’s a great example of someone who has completely embraced a new way of life and is reaping the benefits.
THIS is what I want you to experience.
You will have different goals and reasons for those goals but the outcome should be similar:
A better quality of life. You’ll look a lot better and feel more confident about it. Waking up in the morning will feel amazing because you’ll have the energy to get shit done. You’ll be fired up and this will help you grow your business. You’ll worry less about dying – extreme but many clients say it to me.
The list goes on…
I don’t want you to be hitting the gym in January, half-arsing it in February and a stranger to it all by March. Sadly, for most, it’s a yearly ritual, repeated year after year after year.
Don’t be that person!
Be like Mr Tim "one for the ladies" Fitch
IF you want the advice, strategies and help I gain Tim, then you should claim a FREE copy of my book, Lose The Flab Fasthere
Phil Agostino
PS- Tim was recently on a podcast discussing how he uses "breakfasts" and networking to build his business.
That is worth listening to
However, he also discusses working with me and the importance getting in shape can be too a business owner.
You can watch this interview on Youtube – here
Or, listen on iTunes – here (Ep 106).
PPS- Hopefully seeing that transformation from Tim will have not only inspired you but also helped you realise it is possible. Regardless of age, medical conditionals, running a business or having kids…
Those things make it harder (slightly) but not impossible.