What We Can Learn From Sir Roger Bannister’s ‘4-minute mile’

In 1954 Sir Roger Bannister became the first person to ever run 1 mile in under 4 minutes. A feat that people had been trying to conquer for many years.
In fact, prior to Roger’s record, it had been 9 years since someone had set a record. A time of 4:1.4. (Damn, can you imagine being off by just 1.5 seconds! Heartbreaking).
Do you know how long Roger’s record lasted?
46 days…
Yup, that’s it. Just 46 days. Since then a staggering 15 seconds has been shaved off those times.
So, what’s my point?
Simply this… for most people, like those 1-mile runners, if you can see something HAS been done, it’s far easier to believe you can ALSO do it. And this is usually when you’ll achieve something that you previously might have assumed was "impossible".
I would’ve never stepped on a ‘bodybuilding’ stage once upon a time. "Bodybuilding" was for the freaks of nature amongst us. But then I started to see ‘normal’ people doing it. I was sat watching my girlfriend on stage at her first bikini competition and I made the decision there and then… I was going to compete myself.
I mean, what guy wouldn’t want to wear a bikini on stage? 😉
My mindset towards business has also changed over the past 2 years.
2 years ago I thought I was doing well – and compared to the average fitness coach I was – until I read a marketing book which featured the case study of a personal trainer from London.
This dude was doing £700,000 a year.
I remember thinking ‘fuck, if HE can do it then so can I!’. Funnily enough, I now speak to him quite often as he’s currently reading MY book. He’s gone from a hero to being a peer of mine.
Before this, I couldn’t EVER work towards having an income like that because it was unthinkable. "Personal training" isn’t that profitable, right?
Tell that to Joe Wicks, aka "the body coach" who’s making £1m….per MONTH.
Not only had the bar been raised BUT I could ‘see’ people clearing it…so I decided to try for myself because I knew I could fucking clear it to.
There are no excuses for not believing YOU can have the body you’ve always wanted.
We live in a world where you can see millions of men who are proving it CAN be done every day. Even if you were to only EVER read my emails alone, you’d be provided with more than enough proof you’re able to achieve your goals.
Regardless of being…
Over 45…A time-poor business owner…Having children and a family to look after…Living with health concerns, injuries and niggles…
The first step in moving away from feeling flabby, tired, stressed and hating how you look…
…and towards looking shit hot in a suit, having an abundance of energy, and not worrying you might drop dead is believing you can do it.
Don’t think you can do it?
Then you are probably right.
Phil Agostino
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Food Choices Matter: Here’s Why

Do you realise how much of an effect your food choices have on your success?
Some of you won’t I’m sure but it’s ok because I’ve been doing an experiment of my own to help show you a real life example of what can go wrong if you choose the "wrong" foods.
Even though on paper fat loss is really as simply as adhering to the following rules:
1. Create a calorie deficit
In other words you need to you more energy each day than you provide your body. Your body will then be forced to tap into its reserves for fuel. ie FAT.
2. Ensure you get the right amount of protein
This is dependant on bodyweight and it’s a crucial part of the equation. As you’ll see in the video.
The rest is sort of up to you…but beware it’s not as simple as that as I explain in my video…