Standing in front of the whole school in JUST my pants!

Remember the good old days when you could beat children, there were only two genders and you could say practically anything you wanted without a backlash of SJW’s crying?
Good times. Times that were much more fun as well!
Do you remember PE at primary school with all the frames you could climb like this:

Fuck, those days were cool! Back when we didn’t have to worry about being ‘safe’ all the time. If you fell and ‘broke’ your neck, the teacher would just tell you to "run it off"
Ahhhh sweet times. I wonder if schools are still allowed those???
NOW… you’ll also recall that PE was usually done just wearing pants and vest…
I can’t speak for everyone but myself and most of my friends didn’t even wear vests – so Spiderman pants only it was.
I can still remember how fucking cold the sports hall would feel when you first got into it. The floor felt dusty and dirty on the bottom of your feet. But once those climbing frames were out, all hell broke loose and you were no longer concerned.
One tragic morning, there we were swinging and climbing the frames, bullying the fat kid (back there you only had one per class – not 25!) from the top, because he couldn’t do it when our worse nightmare occurred.
I remember it like it was yesterday.
The fire alarm went off!
My first thought was actually to look out of the window. It was early morning and the middle of winter and that, in the UK, was never going to be good – it was pissing with rain.
Some of us began walking to the changing room – you know – you get our CLOTHES when the teacher shouted shouted at us to "head to the playground!"
The playground where the rest of the school were already lining up by class so that their teachers could take the register.
My class, bare foot and practically naked slowly emerged from the sports hall….
To be greeted by hundreds of laughing kids.
We made our line. One by one, looking at the floor, trying not to make contact with a single person and we stayed our there for the best part of 15 minutes.
I swear that would never be acceptable nowadays.
Still, I laugh about it now. Those are the types of experiences that are character building. And at least it didn’t happen to us now! Can you imagine? It would take literally several seconds for a video of us to be taken and uploaded to the bloody entire world.
The reason I brought that story up is because I was telling it to a client this morning. We got onto the subject of how things have changed over the years – and most things have – some good and some bad.
But do you know what has not changed?
Being fit and healthy…
Sure, there are been advances in clothing, supplements and there is more research than ever on the subject, however, the fundamentals will never change.
There really is no need to complicate things and be overly concerned with advanced theories for getting into shape.
Do the basics:
*Eat the correct amount of calories (80% from healthier foods and 20% from ‘junk (if you want that is!).
*Drink plenty of water
*Get the right amount of protein
*Get a good nights sleep
*Move as much as you can and lift weights 2-4 times per week
*Get a moderate amount of fats and carbs
*Eat plenty of fruit and veg each day
*Don’t let your kids do PE in just their pants
It really is that simple!
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