One Reason Why Many Of You Fail To Lose Weight

They don’t know who to trust and end up buying awful, quick-fix products!
The problem with information nowadays is that you simple have too much of it. It’s really difficult to separate the good from the utter bullshit.
This has always been the case with weight-loss products. The marketing plays on your desperation by providing you with things that look like they could work.
They rarely, if ever, do…
If they did, so many people would not still be so lardy.
Here is a superb example that I was presented with yesterday in my Facebook feed.
LOL! All our problems are solved. You can unsubscribe to my emails and quit the gym now because we have our saviour.
‘The high energy. fat burning protein’ that will ‘accelerate fat loss’ while increasing your metabolic rate.
Believe me it won’t do those things. It may control cravings, but that would be highly individual. However, from strictly a ‘weight loss’ point of view, this product will not speed it up or increase your metabolism.
It’s just another protein product.
If you really want to get results do this:
1. Consume the correct amount of calories, consistently each day
2. eating to right amount of protein (by all means include our new fave super food if you want!)
3. Use the rest of the calories for some carbs and fats
4. Hit the gym 3-4 times a week to perform some resistance training. Doing reps of 6-30 until the last 1-2 are hard (but still safe)
5. Walk more
*Do I look slimmer?
*Is my weight down?
*Are my measurements better
If the answer I ‘yes’ then keep going. If the answer is no then reduce the calories a bit, walk a bit more or maybe add in some cardio to use more calories.
Simple as that.
Do not buy into fads, gimmicks and magic potions to help you out because without doing those 5 things I’ve stated above you can’t make any progress regardless.
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Phil Agostino
If you were wondering how to do point no.1 and work out your calories, then you just take your body weight in kg and multiply it by 22-25.
I’ll let you have that one, as I’m feeling nice.
For the rest (and a TON more) –

3 Diets You MUST Avoid…If You Want To Look Great This Summer

Diets…those things that’ve got you confused right now…
There is a fuck-ton of them out there and most of them don’t seem to be working.
However, there are 3 diets you should avoid if you actually want to succeed…
1. The diet you’ve tried before
You know… the diet that helped you lose a few pounds back in the summer of 1990.
I always chuckle to myself when someone says to me: "I’m going to do [insert diet] because it worked well for me before"
News flash! If you REGAINED all the weight you lost then it DID NOT "work".
A diet should improve your fitness and wellbeing FOREVER. Not just a few weeks.
If you were unable to stick with it forever last time then you probably won’t this time. Find an alternative.
2. The latest trendy diet
Diets and fitness are like fashion. There is always something that’s the ‘flavour’ of the month.
Something every ‘influencer’ and guru offer as the solution to your troubles.
One minute it’s the "low-fat diet" then it’s the "Paleo". At the moment it’s the Ketogenic diet (Atkins diet) getting all of the love.
You would think that by now men would realise all these shiny, new best diets are nothing more than a tactic – one of many – and they aren’t the best option for you in most cases.
Avoid ‘trendy’ diets at all costs and find a ‘style’ that suits you.
3. Your friend’s recommendation
This happens a lot as well. Men choosing to do a certain diet because their mates, wife’s, dad’s, solicitor, said it was the "best one".
How do you know it’s the best one? Does that person like the same foods as you? Do they go to the gym the same amount of times a week as you? Do they favour 4 meals a day like you? Are they are busy, travelling for business as you?Have the same goals as you?
Of course not!
Chances are they are absolutely nothing like you and therefore what ‘worked’ for them will not work for you. So why choose it?
Ok, so the headline may have been a bit ‘click-bate’, and you probably expected me to give you 3 actual diets I disagree with.
My bad.
But this email goes deeper than ‘calling out’ three diets plan. I’m ‘calling out’ ALL diet plans!
They all suck.
What you need to remember is that there are just a few fundamentals you need to know, in order to be successful.
If you start with those fundamental in mind then you really can use any diet plan to lose weight which means you can choose one specifically for YOU.
Make sense? Great! Get to it!
Phil Agostino
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5 Things You Should Have In Your Gym Bag To Improve Results & Reduce Injuries

Right, I’ve been meaning to put together this list of things I always have in my kit bag for a while now. Many of these items can improve your training as well.
So here are 5 fitness items I urge you to get:
1. Lifting Straps
Lifting straps are used to literally strap your hands to the barbell. They are used in exercises where your grip strength is a limiting factor.
Such as deadlifts, pull-ups, and rows.
For example, on rack pulls without straps I can get to around 150kg but once I add the straps I can get to 300kg. If I were to never use the straps my back muscles would never get worked to their potential.
They are also great for those of you who find it hard to ‘feel’ your back muscles working because you tend to pull with your arm muscles (VERY common!)
Because your hands are basically ‘glued’ to the bar you can relax your grip slightly and therefore use the forearm and upper arm muscles much less.
You’ll get a pair for £10-15 max. Check them out here
2. Ankle Straps
I’ve only been using these myself for about 2 months as they are meant to be used for bum, thigh, and leg exercises. Exercises I rarely do…
However, I saw a bodybuilder using them for his shoulder training and decided to give them a try – and I’m SO glad I did!
Not only can I feel my shoulder muscles better (an area I really struggle with) while doing side raises, reverse flys, and chest flys but because I’m using them around my wrists (like the straps) I don’t have to tense my arm muscles.
Last year I had so much elbow pain that I could no longer lift 5kg on the bicep curl without pain.
Fast forward to now and I’m pain-free and able to do curls.
Which is great because my arm muscles were wasting away from not being to train them.
You’ll get a pair for £10. I have these ones here
3. A weightlifting belt
Weightlifting belts aren’t just reserved for those doing hardcore, heavyweights. Just about anyone can benefit from using one in the right situation.
A lifting belt is used to stabilise and support the lower back during exercise.
You use it to help brace your ab muscles, which adds more "core pressure" and makes lifting safer. I have clients use them, usually, in the final set. The one that’s going to be the heaviest and hardest.
You can get leather ones and ones made of strong materials. I don’t really think it matters too much. They’ll often set you back anywhere from £15 right up to over £100.
This one would suit most of you here
4. 0.25kg and 0.5kg plates
You might be wondering why you would ever need to buy your own weights when the gym is literally full of them…let me explain.
The lightest weight (for the bars) you’ll get in 99.9% of gyms is 1.25kg. Therefore if using a barbell the lowest weight increase you can do on an exercise is 2.5kg.
On the machines and cables, the weight blocks will often rise by 2-10kg depending on the brand and machine itself.
This can cause a problem. With smaller muscles, strength can be gained at a much slower rate and increases in strength are often much smaller.
So there will be times when you’ll want to lift a weight IN BETWEEN those jumps.
At the gym I used to pt at the cable machine was a nightmare. The lowest weight was 1.25kg and often too light and the next one was 3.75kg and often too heavy.
Nothing in between…
So, get a couple of your own that weight 0.25kg or 0.5kg and that problem is solved because you can make ‘micro’ jumps in the weight you use.
This will allow for some continuous progress.
Make sure you get the ones that fit Olympic barbells. The thickness of the bar is bigger than standard bars you might use at home.
Check them out here
5. Kwan Loong Oil
Like tiger balm but better. I love this stuff and use it for warming up and increasing the blood flow to the muscles I’m about to use.
It works very well on joints before training, especially knees and shoulders. I also find it’s great to rub onto the lower back.
The added warmth and blood helps you move better reducing the time it takes to warm up while reducing the risk of an injury.
It’s also great for other things like headaches.
A bottle will last you ages and set you back around £8 – Check it here
So there you go. 5 things I never go to the gym without…and I highly recommend you add these to your kit bag if you want to increase your results and reduce the risk of injury.
Phil Agostino
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Is Night Time "Off Plan" Eating Slowing Results Down?

I was speaking with a client this morning and we got onto the subject of what he was struggling with, right now.
Turns out his main struggle is sticking with his diet in the evenings.
Know that feeling?
I’d be willing to bet a large majority of you do.
As I’ve explained before, the main problem lies with the fact that your willpower is a finite ‘fuel’…and by the time the evening comes most of us will be running on empty.
Bear in mind that your willpower isn’t ONLY being used for dietary control – you need it for many other things in life, from getting that work done you are hating to restraining you from murdering the people who can’t drive.
There is also an almost ‘sociocultural’ issue as well. We tend to relate evenings to being for social events, where we spend time with family and friends. Eating is a huge part of this.
And usually, with foods we enjoy.
Ever been to the cinema and bought a salad or a bottle of water? Course not! It’s popcorn, pic ‘n’ mix, and hotdogs.
Problem is, a couple of "bad" evenings and you can literally ruin your whole week and end up making zero progress.
What can you do about it?
1. Save more calories for the evening
Ever been hungry in the morning? Wasn’t THAT bad, was it? In the morning most of us are busy and therefore we don’t notice it so much.
Plus, as I’ve said, willpower is higher then.
I find when I’m dieting it’s best to "shift" all my meals later in the day.
So instead of meals at:
6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm
I’ll do:
10am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm
If needed I could even drop to 5 meals and have one larger meal at around 8-10pm.
With more calories to play with, I could use some for a few ‘treats’ if needed.
Having meals closer together reduces the risk of evening hunger and helps a lot.
2. Use some low cal/zero cal foods (and drinks)
When I was dieting I would let myself have 2-3 low-calorie jellies in the evening after my last meal.
They are something silly like 4 calories each. So those 3 jellies equated to 12 calories.
Much better than opting for a 500+ calorie bar of chocolate, right?
Great for those with a ‘sweet tooth’, like me.
3. Save your favourite meal
My favourite meal while dieting was a homemade lean mince burger on a bagel with some mozzarella.
Again, this is a willpower thing.
Earlier in the day, I’d have the crappy plain chicken and salad meals so I could have my favourite meal at night.
That meal along with the jellies and a diet cherry Pepsi Max made my evening slightly more bearable.
4. Man the fuck up.
No, seriously.
Quit whining and learn to suffer a little bit.
Learn to sit there and be the ONLY one not eating pizza, chocolate and drinking beer.
Truth be told I LOVE being THAT guy.
Makes me feel smug and gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing I have that level of self- control and discipline.
The results are worth it.
Don’t let evenings ruin all your progress. Same goes for weekends. These are times where guys can be weak, and easily led astray.
Don’t be THAT man.
Phil Agostino
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The #1 Dieting Myth You NEED to Stop Believing… If You Want An Easier Time Getting In Shape

Have you cut out carbs completely?
Have you removed bread, pasta, and potatoes from your diet in an attempt to shed some unwanted pounds?
I hope not.
Because I’ve been banging on for ages now that you DON’T need to.
Another diet study was just released that supported this. This one was a good one. It lasted a whole year and had over 600 participants in it.
The results?
"At 12 months, the low-fat group had lost 11.7 lbs (5.3 kg) and the low-carb group 13.2 lbs (6.0 kg); this difference of 1.5 lbs over 12 months (0.125 lbs/month) is neither statistically significant nor clinically relevant."
In other words, neither the "low fat" nor the "low carb" diets were better than the other.
They even tested for differences in insulin release and that didn’t make a difference.
Bear in mind many people still (wrongly) believe you gain fat from carbs due to the insulin released.
Damn insulin fairy adding fat to my love handles while I’m asleep!
In reality, all that matters is…drum roll, please….
A calorie deficit.
(Yaaaawn. I know, I say this several times a month but the message doesn’t seem to be getting through).
It means the next time your co-workers, boyfriends, dads, accountant tells you, you MUST cut your carbs in order to lose weight you can ignore them.
(or better, educate them)
The best diet for YOU is the one YOU will commit to LONG-TERM.
Phil Agostino
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