Is Night Time "Off Plan" Eating Slowing Results Down?

I was speaking with a client this morning and we got onto the subject of what he was struggling with, right now.
Turns out his main struggle is sticking with his diet in the evenings.
Know that feeling?
I’d be willing to bet a large majority of you do.
As I’ve explained before, the main problem lies with the fact that your willpower is a finite ‘fuel’…and by the time the evening comes most of us will be running on empty.
Bear in mind that your willpower isn’t ONLY being used for dietary control – you need it for many other things in life, from getting that work done you are hating to restraining you from murdering the people who can’t drive.
There is also an almost ‘sociocultural’ issue as well. We tend to relate evenings to being for social events, where we spend time with family and friends. Eating is a huge part of this.
And usually, with foods we enjoy.
Ever been to the cinema and bought a salad or a bottle of water? Course not! It’s popcorn, pic ‘n’ mix, and hotdogs.
Problem is, a couple of "bad" evenings and you can literally ruin your whole week and end up making zero progress.
What can you do about it?
1. Save more calories for the evening
Ever been hungry in the morning? Wasn’t THAT bad, was it? In the morning most of us are busy and therefore we don’t notice it so much.
Plus, as I’ve said, willpower is higher then.
I find when I’m dieting it’s best to "shift" all my meals later in the day.
So instead of meals at:
6am, 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm
I’ll do:
10am, 1pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm, 10pm
If needed I could even drop to 5 meals and have one larger meal at around 8-10pm.
With more calories to play with, I could use some for a few ‘treats’ if needed.
Having meals closer together reduces the risk of evening hunger and helps a lot.
2. Use some low cal/zero cal foods (and drinks)
When I was dieting I would let myself have 2-3 low-calorie jellies in the evening after my last meal.
They are something silly like 4 calories each. So those 3 jellies equated to 12 calories.
Much better than opting for a 500+ calorie bar of chocolate, right?
Great for those with a ‘sweet tooth’, like me.
3. Save your favourite meal
My favourite meal while dieting was a homemade lean mince burger on a bagel with some mozzarella.
Again, this is a willpower thing.
Earlier in the day, I’d have the crappy plain chicken and salad meals so I could have my favourite meal at night.
That meal along with the jellies and a diet cherry Pepsi Max made my evening slightly more bearable.
4. Man the fuck up.
No, seriously.
Quit whining and learn to suffer a little bit.
Learn to sit there and be the ONLY one not eating pizza, chocolate and drinking beer.
Truth be told I LOVE being THAT guy.
Makes me feel smug and gives me a sense of satisfaction knowing I have that level of self- control and discipline.
The results are worth it.
Don’t let evenings ruin all your progress. Same goes for weekends. These are times where guys can be weak, and easily led astray.
Don’t be THAT man.
Phil Agostino
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