One Reason Why Many Of You Fail To Lose Weight

They don’t know who to trust and end up buying awful, quick-fix products!
The problem with information nowadays is that you simple have too much of it. It’s really difficult to separate the good from the utter bullshit.
This has always been the case with weight-loss products. The marketing plays on your desperation by providing you with things that look like they could work.
They rarely, if ever, do…
If they did, so many people would not still be so lardy.
Here is a superb example that I was presented with yesterday in my Facebook feed.
LOL! All our problems are solved. You can unsubscribe to my emails and quit the gym now because we have our saviour.
‘The high energy. fat burning protein’ that will ‘accelerate fat loss’ while increasing your metabolic rate.
Believe me it won’t do those things. It may control cravings, but that would be highly individual. However, from strictly a ‘weight loss’ point of view, this product will not speed it up or increase your metabolism.
It’s just another protein product.
If you really want to get results do this:
1. Consume the correct amount of calories, consistently each day
2. eating to right amount of protein (by all means include our new fave super food if you want!)
3. Use the rest of the calories for some carbs and fats
4. Hit the gym 3-4 times a week to perform some resistance training. Doing reps of 6-30 until the last 1-2 are hard (but still safe)
5. Walk more
*Do I look slimmer?
*Is my weight down?
*Are my measurements better
If the answer I ‘yes’ then keep going. If the answer is no then reduce the calories a bit, walk a bit more or maybe add in some cardio to use more calories.
Simple as that.
Do not buy into fads, gimmicks and magic potions to help you out because without doing those 5 things I’ve stated above you can’t make any progress regardless.
If you want to actually lose weight successfully, then you can claim a free copy of my book written to help you regain your youth, reduce aches and pain, boost stamina and improve your physique fast – even if you busy, like you!
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Phil Agostino
If you were wondering how to do point no.1 and work out your calories, then you just take your body weight in kg and multiply it by 22-25.
I’ll let you have that one, as I’m feeling nice.
For the rest (and a TON more) –

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